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Why now is not the time to panic over transfers

Immediately after it was revealed that Rafa Benitez would lead Newcastle United into the 2017/2018 Premier League campaign, widespread reports stated … Read More

A new player for each position at Newcastle United

Work is already well underway at Newcastle United in terms of player recruitment ahead of their return to the Premier League with Rafael … Read More
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Rafa’ achievements at United should not be underestimated

This time last year, over 52,000 Newcastle United fans turned out to watch their already-relegated team roll over Mauricio Pochettino's electric … Read More

Mbemba and Perez: Suited to the PL or just not good enough?

There is an age-old debate in football that certain players are suited to certain leagues. Many believe that to be true, including myself, but many … Read More

QUIZ: Test your knowledge of Newcastle’s 16/17 season

This season has been one of the most enjoyable in recent years for Newcastle fans. Watching Champions League winner Rafa Benítez spearhead … Read More
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The best pictures of the season so far

With just nine games to go this season, promotion-chasing Newcastle United are six points clear of third-placed Huddersfield and although that may … Read More