Euphoria! That feeling as Newcastle were not only promoted, but would storm out of the Championship as Champions. It hasn’t been a season of ease, nor was it ever going to be, but in this fan’s eyes, it was the beginning of the rebirth of this mighty football club.

It’s no secret that under our owner Mike Ashley, things have been bad and even worse. We’ve been the joke that other teams kept laughing at, from Dennis Wise, Alan Pardew all the way to Yohan Kebab. We’ve lost our Premier League status twice in his time, which for a club like ours, is simply unacceptable. Our fans have protested and wanted this cockney billionaire out of their club.

Going into season 2017/18, back in the big time, Newcastle United have a massive ace in its pack. We have Rafa Benitez. In the same vein as Sir Bobby and King Kev, Rafa is adored by all who religiously support the black and white. He often talks, no, stresses the importance of being “United” players, staff and fans. He tells us if this was to happen, nothing would stop this club from greatness. I most definitely agree.

A United Newcastle would be an unstoppable force especially with Rafa guiding the ship; it would be something like the Keegan years that almost achieved immortality and had this unbelievable force guiding it.

No disrespect to King Kev but our current manager is a tad more experienced, calmer and tactical and as demonstrated Sunday, a winner. Rafa loves the silverware, he needs it, demands it. Just look at his CV. We couldn’t have dreamt that in these Ashley years we’d get a manager like him. But this isn’t just about Rafa….

For Newcastle to be truly United, we, the fans, need to make Mike Ashley fall in love with this club. Really, truly, madly, deeply fall in love with the club like me and you do. For if he does, he would ride this Euphoria with us and give Rafa all he needs to take us to greatness. It is now time for our fans to take ownership and reach out to Mike and say all is forgiven, come to games, share the atmosphere, have a pint and bloody wear that legendary top and fall in love with this club. A winning club.

Let’s win trophies, go on European adventures and shake the league, together. It is now time to forgive and extend that olive branch and welcome him back to Newcastle. For he is the missing ingredient needed to make us truly what Rafa demands of us. United.