Ever since Reuters and Financial Times picked up the thread on Amanda Staveley’s link to NUFC and a potential takeover, there’s been minor hints of progress. There are some things that have been widely reported, and we’re only including reputable sources in this summary.

Mike Ashley’s asking price is upwards to £400M. Staveley is thought to be around the £300M mark. Though no price has actually been discussed, it’s unlikely that Staveley would pursue with due diligence unless there was some sort of understanding or agreement on the clubs valuation.

Staveley signed an NDA a fortnight ago. This means that the proceedings around financial checks, contracts, staffing and etc, is well underway. It’s thought that this could take up to one or two months. Once that’s done, it’s expected that a formal offer will be made.

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There’s now five parties who have signed the NDA’s. Ever since NUFC was publicly put up for sale, there’s been quite a few approaches for club, according to Ashley’s lawyer. In addition, there were NDA’s signed prior to the “for sale” sign.

Chronicle believe Staveley is the front-runner for the club at the moment. This not just because she showed her face at St. James’. Her interest is genuine and her team is working hard on due diligence. In addition, Ryder has said in a recent podcast that he’s seen another interesting name on the list of potential suitors. A suitor that certainly raised his eyebrows in a positive manner. Though there was no disclosure on who that might be.

Heavy hitters like The Times, Reuters and Financial Times have written separate pieces on the matter, and with quite a few details. They all coincides with each other. They suggests that Mike Ashley’s intentions this time around, is genuine. He wants out. The factor that his lawyer is releasing press statements to keep up the attention is a big clue for many.

The tax fraud investigation is not thought to be a hindrance, but rather a leverage for interested parties. How blame is distributed is unclear, but the case seems to be against Lee Charnley and St. James’ Holdings LTD.

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It’s been confirmed that Staveley would be the owner of NUFC should she have a bid accepted. At the same time, she’ll backed by middle eastern investment firm PCP Capital Partners.

There’s no clear timeframe on a takeover, but the signals are that Staveley’s crew is working hard on pushing the process. The signs are positive and she looks like the front-runner. Still, it’s possible we won’t hear that much until mid December. It’s been said she also still holds and interest in Liverpool and another unnamed Premier League club. Although she doesn’t seem to have pursued that interest, for now.

It’s evident that both Ashley and Staveley wants this done in time for the January window. That way, Rafa can be armed with the means to make NUFC competitive in the upper tiers of the Premier League.