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From Ulster to United to… Guam? – The Crazy Tale of Willie McFaul

Last week NUFC announced the addition of Steve Harper to their backroom staff. The former Newcastle #1, who gained almost 200 appearances during his … Read More

Groundhog Day at Newcastle United

Groundhog day at NUFC. Fans are planning protests. Little money is being spent. Clubs' most valuable players have been sold, and the money has not … Read More

How supporters are refusing to be choked out from Mike Ashley’s strangehold

Despite keeping the club afloat last season, and earning promotion the season before, Rafa Benitez must once again sell-to-buy for the upcoming … Read More

What’s taking so long with Rafa’s contract?

Newcastle United are yet again at a crossroads. Rafa Benitez has a year left on his contract and Mike Ashley doesn't want to relinquish control. It's … Read More

Rafa may be forced to take unpopular decisions this summer

The summer transfer window is right around the corner. United are safe, although not matematically, they are logically. Articles have already … Read More

Mike Ashley + Newcastle United = Not true

After a series of great wins for Newcastle, it now looks like we're nearing safety. We're two points away from the magic 40 and nobody can deny that … Read More
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